Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use for the "eGender Medicine" eLearning Course

The following Terms and Conditions of Use apply to the use of the "eGender Medicine" website (http://egender.charite.de):

1. The Institute of Gender in Medicine (GIM) of the Charit - Universitätsmedizin Berlin reserves the right to, at any time and without notice, amend, supplement, remove or discontinue the data, information and accounts made available on the website, as a whole or in parts. GIM is not obligated to keep any specific offer available.

2. In order to gain access to the protected area of an account, corresponding access data in the form of user name and password are always required. Such data are allocated only to the user personally. The user may not forward such data to any third party. The user must keep the password secure and secret. If the user has any reason to suspect that a third party is in possession of his or her password, he or she must immediately change it.

3. The "eGender Medicine" website contains, among other things, data and information that are protected by copyright and trademark rights which must be observed. Here, the safeguarding of the intellectual property of authors must be observed in particular. Written documents and audiovisual materials may be downloaded or printed only for one's own continuing education.

4. If the user violates the obligations to which he or she is bound in clauses 2 and 3, he or she shall be obligated to provide compensation for the expenses that GIM incurs, and to indemnify and hold harmless GIM from any compensation and expense reimbursement claim of third parties that were brought about by the violation. This also applies if the damages are caused by others, to the extent that this is attributable to the user. The damages to be compensated include in particular the reasonable costs of legal defence incurred by GIM, where applicable.

5. GIM does not guarantee the continuous and comprehensive availability of the e-learning platform, which can be impaired, for example, through malfunctions of the server, the public communication networks, the power supply or by other circumstances that are not within GIM's sphere of influence. Beyond this, GIM reserves the right to impose temporary restrictions of its services through maintenance work and further developments, to the extent that they are necessary for proper or improved operation.

6. GIM assumes no warranty that the information and content provided on the website are complete, correct or up-to-date at all times. GIM shall exert its best efforts to keep the information up-to-date and free of errors, and to check this at regular intervals.

7. GIM may send declarations to the user by e-mail, fax or post to the addresses given in the user's current contact data in his or her account.

8. Upon registering and/or setting up his or her account on the "eGender Medicine" website, the user confirms his or her consent to these Terms and Conditions of Use. GIM reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time without stating the reasons, unless this is not reasonable for the user. GIM shall notify the user of changes to the Terms and Conditions of Use in good time. If the user does not object to the application of the new Terms and Conditions of Use within six weeks after notification, the amended Terms and Conditions of Use shall be deemed to have been accepted by the user. In the notification, GIM shall remind the user of his or her right of objection and the significance of the objection period.

9. Users can find information on data privacy here

10. The user’s right to use his or her account ends when the account is deleted.